A Holiday Favorite: Kentucky Christmas


Abominable Winter Ale is made with chilly weather and the holiday spirit in mind. Once a year we take Abominable, our best selling seasonal beer, and add it to bourbon barrels and let it rest for 6-12 months. The beer picks of notes of vanilla, spice, and caramel along the way, making it a perfect holiday sipper. The best thing you could do this holiday season is drink beer with friends. This boozy Abominable is perfect for splitting a bottle and was recently ranked one of the best bourbon barrel aged beers for the holiday season.

We currently have Kentucky Christmas on tap at both and we have very limited bottles available at both of our pubs. Come and grab a few while they’re still available. Drink one now and put the rest down in your cellar so you can have a Kentucky Christmas vertical in the Christmas Future. Cheers!