A Toast to Hefe: How A Fun Joke With A Local Brewery Will Benefit Our Community


Join Rob Widmer of Widmer Brothers, as we tap a keg of Widmer Hefeweizen at Hopworks Urban Brewery on Thursday, September 4th. We are celebrating Widmer’s 30th anniversary by tapping the beer at 5pm, and we will host a “Toast to Hefe” at 5:30pm. Proceeds from the beer will be donated to Meals on Wheels.

Back in June, our sales guy, Jaime, was packing up the Hopworks booth at a beer festival and realized that our friends at Widmer had left behind one of their banners. Seeing as how Jaime is an honorable guy, he grabbed it for them and planned to return it. After seeing the banner in the truck, one of our brewers posted a quick pic of it on Instagram and told Widmer we would give them back their banner in exchange for a keg of Hefeweizen. Widmer brewer Ben Dobler showed up on our doorstep with a full keg of Hefeweizen and proclaimed “challenge accepted!” We had already returned the banner, but we took the beer and decided to do something special with it. In honor of Widmer’s 30th anniversary, and to celebrate a beer that has inspired countless craft brewers, HUB will tap the Widmer Hefeweizen at 5pm. Rob Widmer will be at HUB to mingle with visitors, and at 5:30 we’ll give a big “Toast to Hefe.”