Abominable Winter Ale Chicken Mushroom DInner Recipe

slow cooked

Usually when we talk about beer and food we’re looking for the best ways to pair our beer with the special dinners we make for friends. When you pair a beer perfectly with dinner, the night can feel magical. But how about using a full-flavored beer itself as an ingredient in the dish?

When we saw a this recipe on TheBeeroness.com that used our Abominable Winter Ale to create a simmering stock for a slow cooked mushroom chicken dish, our mouths began to water. The dish is a hearty, holiday-inspired plate that leaves out the more festive spices to concentrate on the homier qualities of sage, rosemary, and a stew-like smother with meat. Head over to the Beeroness website for the full recipe and some background on how the dish came together.

Pair the beer with our Abominable Winter Ale, the beer that inspired the dish in the first place. Finally, be sure to send us your photos of you enjoying this dish, we may repost them on Instagram!

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