Drink A Beer For Columbia Springs


We believe good beer and sustainability go hand and hand. One way we model sustainability is through our Community tap program. Each month we partner with like-minded, local, nonprofit organizations that we admire and respect. We donate 1% of all of our pub’s pint sale proceeds to that month’s partner organization.

For the month of March when you drink a beer at any of our pubs you are supporting Columbia Springs, an organization that envisions a community who values the environment and protects it for future generations. Their mission is to offer a unique setting where educational experiences foster greater awareness of the natural world, inspiring stewardship.


Columbia Springs is a 100-acre natural area in Vancouver that provides a unique space to explore and experience nature. As a leader in environmental education for Clark County, they engage thousands of students and community members in programs designed to inspire stewardship and make nature accessible to everyone. By encouraging outdoor recreation, they hope to cultivate a deep appreciation for nature and a desire to help preserve natural resources.

Last year, over 6,000 students explored Columbia Springs forests, wetlands, and streams on field trips through their Onsite Education program. Also, over 50 local schools raise coho salmon in their off-site Salmon in the Classroom program, where students watch the salmon life cycle unfold and learn about salmon habitat before releasing fish into nearby streams.

The more we encourage education around environment, the more we can protect and preserve its beauty. A million thanks goes out to Columbia Springs for providing such an incredible learning experience for everyone, including our future generation!

All we need you to do now is drink beer. Come for a cool new beer release party, bring the family out to dinner, or just stop in for a quick pint to support environmental education.  Support Columbia Springs!