Getting Tilth-y About Sustainability

Our organic certifier, Oregon Tilth, was interested in ways that we expand our definition of sustainability by using hops from Salmon-Safe certified farmers. Salmon-Safe Organic is a joint venture between Oregon Tilth and Salmon-Safe, a nonprofit organization working to restore watersheds for salmon to spawn and thrive. Oregon Tilth provides fast track Salmon-Safe certification to organic farmers and handlers that further protect biodiversity and aquatic habitat while helping to redefine the practice of ecologically sustainable agriculture.

The above episode of Getting Tilth-y features Christian Ettinger as he discusses how elevating each other to improve sustainability is critical for shared success. Christian discusses the importance of water in our brewery and how Salmon-Safe helps us support farmers that try to protect our watersheds and landscapes.

Check out the other two videos in the series below for more Salmon-Safe education and visit the Oregon Tilth story page for boat loads of videos: