Handmade Bike & Beer Festival Revisited

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At the first Biketobeer Festival in 2009, the old bike we used for the Huffy Huck still had wheels, handlebars and pedals. It was a struggle to launch. This year, the stream-lined frame flew through the air during the new and improved Handmade Bike and Beer Festival.

In 2009, we had Dave Levy of Ti Cycles wielding a torch. This year, we had thirty bike related exhibits at the Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association’s show. The Flatlanders pulled off stunts on their BMX bikes again, just like in 2009. Team Beer showed up in ’09 and had legs spinning vigorously during sprint races in the parking lot. This year, we welcomed the breakdance group New Birth again to spin their moves on stage. In ’09, we had The Sprokettes floating gracefully across the pavement on their mini-bikes. This year, we had, well, what is that thing? It’s an adult-sized tricycle and it got serious, regular workouts throughout the weekend. And beer. Yes, there was an incredible selection of beers from Hopworks, Ex-Novo, Deschutes, Gigantic, Grain Station, Logsdon, Pfriem and Widmer Brothers. Thanks to everyone for coming out to Hopworks and making this year’s festival a success.

All photographs by Tim LaBarge

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