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This month marks the one year anniversary of Community Tap, the program where we donate 1% of our pint sale proceeds to monthly partner organizations. Last year we set a goal to raise $12,000. We are proud to say we exceeded that goal, and were able to send $12,275 in cash donations to fourteen Community Tap partners – twelve at the Powell brewpub and two at BikeBar. Additionally our team contributed more than 100 volunteer hours, and 20 hours of experiential education with Community Tap partners.

In addition to Community Tap, we donated more than $45,000 in beer, gift cards, and merchandise to 200 organizations in 2015. Combined with Community Tap, the value of HUB’s charitable donations are more than $57,600.

“Community Tap may be relatively new to Hopworks, but it already feels like a strong and innovative addition to our charitable process, ” said Brandie Ettinger, Co-Owner and Community Relations Director. “The program allows us to build intentional relationships with local organizations through focused giving and support. The HUB team also shares in the excitement because we connect with groups that the team respects and recommends to our employee-led decision committee.”


This year, we’re increasing our goal to $16,000. BikeBar will adopt the same twelve monthly partners as the Powell brewpub. The 2016 organizations – selected by an employee-led committee – each have a strong emphasis on environmental stewardship and community education.

2016 partners include:

Jan. | Urban Gleaners

Feb. | Bike Farm

Mar. | Freshwater Trust

Apr. | Trash For Peace

May | Bicycle Transportation Alliance

June | Gateway Green

July | Meals on Two Wheels

Aug. | Portland Youth Builders

Sept. | Portland Fruit Tree Project

Oct. | Backyard Habitat Certification Program

Nov. | Columbia Springs

Dec. | Friends of Outdoor School

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