Portland Community Partner: Portland Fruit Tree Project

holding fruit

In September we tip our hats to the start of the harvest season and by donating 1% of all pint sales to the Portland Fruit Tree Project. Portland Fruit Tree Project’s mission is to increase equitable access to healthful food and strengthen communities by empowering neighbors to share in the harvest and care of city-grown produce.

The “Neighborhood Fruit Tree Project” was created in 2006 in response to the massive amounts of fruit dropping from trees and going to waste in the Humboldt and King neighborhoods of North/Northeast Portland. Acutely aware of the economic challenges many in our community face in accessing healthful food, the founders began organizing neighbors to harvest this resource and make it available to people in need.

Soon people from all over the city began contacting us, wanting to become involved in feeding neighbors within their own communities. As the scope of our work expanded and news of our program spread, we grew from a neighborhood project, to “Portland Fruit Tree Project” in 2007.


Today, Portland Fruit Tree Project (PFTP) is an award-winning nonprofit organization that provides a community-based solution to a critical and growing need: Access to healthful food. Through our four unique programs, PFTP provides direct services that improve quality of life for people in Portland through sharing the urban harvest.

We support the Portland Fruit Tree Project because we love the idea of bringing communities together over a bountiful harvest of fruit! We love the no waste aspect of the PFTP and the fact that it helps feed more mouths in the city we call home.  Just like us, Portland Fruit Tree Project is celebrating a milestone birthday this year, 10 YEARS!