Single Hop Series: Organic El Dorado IPX


Every IPX release is an opportunity to compare and contrast ways that hops affect beer’s flavor and aroma profiles. Each beer in this three-years-and-running series is brewed with same base recipe, with the same finishing hop schedule, and ends up at 60 IBU and 6% ABV.

The latest in the series showcases Organic El Dorado hops from Jackson Hop farm in Caldwell, Idaho. A relative newcomer to the brewing industry, El Dorado hops were developed by CLS Farms in 2008 and released commercially in 2010. Organic El Dorado IPX is a light bodied ale showcasing tropical fruit and pear hop flavors and aromas. We think you’re going to love it.

This makes El Dorado the ninth bottle release in the single hop ale series. For a limited time you can still grab the IPX Simcoe bottles from our two pubs, giving you the opportunity to try Simcoe and El Dorado side by side.

Previously featured in the IPX bottles include Organic Cascade, Organic and Salmon-Safe Centennial, Amarillo, Organic and Salmon-Safe Chinook, Organic Ahtanum, Organic Fuggle, Salmon-Safe Mt. Hood, and Organic Simcoe hops.